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Our goal is to help you to uncover your best self – to find a new confidence and sense of pride that comes from within.  To achieve this we work on enhancement, rather than making radical changes, to reveal a more naturally refreshed you. These results always come from a clear understanding of your needs and desires. We build a strong rapport with our clients, and together we navigate the process of discovering and creating the natural results that you desire.

The team at Illuminate Costmetic Clicnic are committed to ensuring the health and safety of their clients. We are highly qualified specialist and rely on scientifically proven products and devices to ensure our clients achieve excellent results in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, skin rejuvenation and other medi spa services. Unlike the average clinic, we provide a unique blend of medical approaches, for results like nothing you’ve experienced before. Illuminate Cosmetic Clinic is not a beauty salon or day spa, it’s much more…

Our Team

Jess, the founder/owner of Illuminate has worked towards her dream of opening her own clinic since she was 20 years old, learning from many different aspects of the industry

As a teen Jess suffered with severe ance. after years of seeing dermatologists, doctors, skin specialists and beauty therapists and not getting results, being put on trial after trial of medications resulting in terrible side effects and sicknesses she decided to make it her mission to help people with theses problems as she knows too well how it affects people


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Be true to yourself

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Cosmetic Tattoo

We create a shape drawn freehand by our accredited cosmetic artist customised for every client. Our ink is 100% vegan and we blend colors to our client’s needs and requests. Tattooing can last up to 2 – 10 years but can vary from person to person. It is very important to come back and get your touch ups post initial treatment where not only can we guarantee you’ll get a much longer out of your cosmetic tattooing but we can also make any changes you might like such as adding thickness, adjusting shape ect.

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Tattooing Services

Eyeliner Top & Bottom cosmetic Tattooing Package – $499

Eyebrows cosmetic Tattooing Package – $399

  – $449

  – $349

  – $199

Tattooing Touch Up’s [within 4 weeks] – $99

Tattooing Touch Up’s [within 3 months] – $199


Dermal Therapy

At Illuminate our true passion is skin & helping people become true to themselves, so they can always put there best face forward. Our dedicated therapists specialise in skin treatments that are result orientated. With a combination of treatments such as cosmetic grade peels, microdermabrasion and skin needling along side homecare products, teamed with education on lifestyle, you’ll be loving your skin in no time!

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Dermal Therapies

Microdermabrasion – $60

  – $169

Illuminate Ageless Peel – $80

Gycolic  Peel – $40

Lactic Peel – $40

Extractions – $20

Enzymatic Facial Peel – $60

 – $120

Peel Accelorator – $70

LED Treatment – $50

Skin Needling 0.5mm – $229

Skin Needling 1.0mm – $239

Skin Needling 2nd session – $99

Radiant Facial – $80








Beauty Therapy

At Illuminate we offer a range of beauty treatments that are essential in our everyday life to be looking our best. We use the best range of products available on the market to guarantee comfort and results for our valued customers.

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Beauty Sevices

 – $10

Arm Wax  – $45

Full Leg Wax  – $65

Eye Trio (Wax, Shape, Tint) – $35

Spray Tan – $35

Last Lift & Tint – $60

  – $60

Brow Trio – $40

Lip or Chin Wax – $30

Chin Addon Wax $10

Lash Tint – $25

Full Back Wax – $60

Abdomen Wax – $40

Shoulders Wax – $40

Bikini Line + Underarm Wax – $55

Bikini Line Wax – $40

Neck Wax – $30

Half Leg Wax – $45

Chest Wax – $50


1/2 Hour Foot Reflexology Massage $40

1/2 Hour Indian Head Massage – $40

1 Hour Swedish Massage – $70

Aromatherpay Massage – $70

Hot Stone Massage – $70



Body Piercing

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Body Peircing

Ear Peircing – $50

Children’s Ear Peircing – $50

Body Peircing – $50

Dermal Peircing – $100


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